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Can I keep the contents inside my house / building during the move?

Furnishings may be left in the house. We will not be responsible for theft. Fine china, crystal or expensive china settings should be packed.All services are to be disconnected and reconnected by the customer, unless included in complete contract agreement.If there is a basement, everything below the centre beam is to be removed prior to the move.The Owner is to request permission for any trees to be trimmed or cut on the route.Mail boxes and signs are to be removed as needed on moving day, with the Owner asking permission and resetting them.

What about a new foundation and basement?

The owner can directly or Sub Contract through the Mover to have a Mason and Excavating Contractors look after this aspect.

Depending on lot size, working room, and various other details, the foundation can be installed, poured, or block and then the house moved onto it or the house can be placed into position and then a block or wood wall installed under it. Temporary pockets or window openings have to be provided to allow removal of steel beams. In any event, the Sub Contractors and Mover work together to complete each individual project.

Should I have my building inspected?

If you are purchasing a building, it is a good idea to have various people look at it first before agreeing to buy it. Just a few to list are:

  • Mover
  • Local Building Inspector, where the building goes to
  • PUC, for electrical inspection for reconnecting
  • Local Contractors, for proposed renovations, if any are intended
  • Mason and Excavating Contractors

What permits do I need?

All Ontario King's Highways require MTO permits. Depending on the size of the building, it can take up to three weeks to obtain. County or Regional permits are also required for their roads. Township roads have basic permits or require approval from the Road Superintendent.

Can I get an estimate on my move?

Most movers will not give an estimate by phone: the only way to do a proper job is to visit the site. If you are seriously interested, the following things have to be taken into account:

  • Type of construction: approximate age, shape, wood frame, mason, stone or steel
  • Measure width, height, length, and weight
  • Working area around building at existing and new lot locations
  • Best route to new location (roads, trees, bridges, mailboxes, signs, traffic lights)

All utilities notified:

  • Ontario Hydro and/or local PUC's
  • Telephone and Cable TV companies
  • Railway companies, if applicable

Can my house / building be moved?

Most buildings can be moved, it is a matter of what the building is worth and how large your budget is.  Not every building should be moved, the final decision is usually about economics. The Mover will use their best judgement on the project you are proposing.

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